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GA-REI 9 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Hajime Segawa


About this book

The Agency returns?! And who's this new girl, Izumi, who looks like Yomi...?

Two girls appear before an amnesiac Kagura: Yomi, whose fate is deeply entwined with Kagura's, and Izumi, who could be Yomi's twin. In the meantime, the Naraku region that appeared in the middle of Tokyo begins to spill over with evil spirits...!

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Product Details

Story and Art Hajime Segawa
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,Martial Arts ,School Life ,Supernatural ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series GA-REI
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since February 24, 2015
Page count 205pages (*note)

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