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GA-REI 10 - Manga

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  • Completed

Hajime Segawa


About this book

A clash between Kagura and Kensuke! As Naraku grows, what will the Agency do?!

As evil spirits overflow from Naraku in the middle of Tokyo, the Agency is re-formed. Kensuke hesitates over whether to rejoin them, while Kagura regains some of her memories thanks to the appearance of a man with a black spirit beast. At the same time, Yomi reawakens within Izumi. Kensuke turns his blade on her, but the one who dives in the way to protect Yomi is...Kagura?!

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Product Details

Story and Art Hajime Segawa
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,Martial Arts ,School Life ,Supernatural ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series GA-REI
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since March 10, 2015
Page count 213pages (*note)

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