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D-Frag! Vol. 10 - Manga

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Tomoya Haruno

D-Frag! Vol. 10

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In order to defeat Roka in a challenge, Kenji had to sacrifice his most distinctive feature...his spiky hair! But ever since getting a buzzcut, Kenji has been mysteriously absent from the Game Development Club (Temp.). Surely his club mates will search for him...unless of course they're all busy trying to discover the trurth behind a series of urban legends swirling around Fujou Academy.
Will the Game Development Club find out why there are so many bald guys at their school? Will the series ever get its main character back? Find out in vol. 10 of this supernatural high school comedy!

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Author/Artist Tomoya Haruno
Genre Manga ,Anime ,Comedy ,School Life
Series D-Frag!
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since December 26, 2016
Page count 166pages (*note)

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