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Kämpfer Vol. 2 - Manga

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Toshihiko Tsukiji / Yu Tatibana / Senmu

About this eBook

Ordinary high school boy Natsuru Seno woke up one day to find that he had somehow changed into a girl. Now he's been dragged into the conflict between battle-driven beings called KAMPFER. With student council president shizuku sango standing in his way, can he safely rescue the kidnapped Kaede Sakura? Here’s volume 2 of this romantic school-based action comedy, loaded with beautiful girls!

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    Product Details

    Author Toshihiko Tsukiji
    Art by Yu Tatibana
    Character Design by Senmu
    Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,Ecchi ,Gender Bender ,Romance ,Seinen ,Mature ,Anime
    Series Kämpfer
    Publisher DMP
    Available since March 30, 2015
    Page count 153pages (*note)

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