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A Kiss, For Real Volume 7 - Light Novels

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Fumie Akuta

A Kiss, For Real Volume 7

About this eBook

On the one-night, two-day visit to the Triennale Chitose went on to decide which course to take, Yuinosuke makes a serious declaration to her! Even so, Itsuki says, “The fact that I like you won't change,” which fills Chitose with happiness. On the other hand, Chitose is still worried about what course to take. With the piece that Yuinosuke makes her finish and Itsuki's encouragement, Chitose decides she wants to become even more skilled. While she takes Yuinosuke's special lesson, she aims to make it into the top five of the joint competition, but ... Don't miss out on the exciting developments in Volume 7 of this youthful, art prep-school love story!

Release date:
Feb 19th

Sale ends Feb 25, 2019
(08:59 PM PST)

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JP ¥620

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Product Details

Author Fumie Akuta
Genre Light Novels ,Comedy ,Drama ,Romance ,School Life ,Shoujo ,Love is a Battlefield: YOUNG ADULTS
Series A Kiss, For Real
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since February 19, 2019
Page count 0pages (*note)

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