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Arkham Woods - Int'l Manga

  • Int'l Manga
  • Completed

Christopher Rowley / Jhomar Soriano

Arkham Woods

About this book

Kirsti Rivers is an L.A. teenager suddenly transplanted to the small New England town of Arkham Woods. Kirsti and her mom, Victoria, are tasked with clearing out and selling the old house left to them by Silas Scadmore, Victoria’s eccentric uncle. But from the hidden recesses of the house, Kirsti and her friends unwittingly unleash and ancient evil that could spell the end of the world?unless they can find a way to stop it first!
Arkham Woods is an original manga tale of supernatural horror inspired by the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

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Product Details

Author Christopher Rowley
Artist Jhomar Soriano
Genre Int'l Manga ,Horror ,Supernatural ,Completed Series
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 4, 2015
Page count 225pages (*note)

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