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Non Non Biyori Vol. 07 - Manga

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Non Non Biyori Vol. 07

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Koshigaya Natsumi Seventh grader at Ashigaoka Branch School. The lies in her journal are constantly exposed, since she sees a certain someone every day. She laments the small world of the countryside. Miyauchi Renge First grader, the youngest of the five students at Ashigaoka Branch School. “When I asked Nee-nee what 'dressed up' is, she got all hung up on the question.” Koshigaya Komari Natsumi's older sister, grade eight student. She decided on “the creatures around me” as her research subject, but there are just too many of them, so she shed some tears over it. Ichijo Hotaru Fifth grader, transfer student from Tokyo. The summer version of the Koma shuffle... well, turns out it's not school-safe.

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Author/Artist Atto
Genre Manga ,Anime ,Comedy ,School Life ,Slice of Life ,Shounen
Series Non Non Biyori
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since May 27, 2017
Page count 166pages (*note)

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