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Infinite Stratos: Volume 6 - Light Novels

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Izuru Yumizuru / CHOCO

Infinite Stratos: Volume 6

About this eBook

Ichika's birthday is coming up, but so is the Cannonball Fast battle race. All the while, something heavy weighs upon Cecilias mind. The high-speed school action romantic comedy can't stop, won't stop in the sixth volume of Infinite Stratos!

Flank speed ahead to romance! Each of our leading ladies is looking to steal Ichika's heart at his birthday party. But for Cecilia, something else is weighing on her: the mysterious enemy who appeared at the school festival. With a last-minute decision to include first year students in the high-speed IS battle race called Cannonball Fast, they may not be the only unplanned-for participants, as the mysterious Phantom Task still looms ever so closely. The high-speed school action romantic comedy can't stop, won’t stop in the sixth volume of Infinite Stratos!

Release date:
Feb 24th

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Product Details

Author Izuru Yumizuru
Artist CHOCO
Genre Light Novels ,Action ,Comedy ,Drama ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Romance ,School Life ,Sci-fi ,Shounen ,Anime
Series Infinite Stratos
Publisher J-Novel Club
Available since February 24, 2019
Page count 0pages (*note)

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