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Dracula Everlasting Vol. 2 - Int'l Manga

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Nunzio DeFilippis / Christina Weir / Rhea Silvan

Dracula Everlasting Vol. 2

About this book

In this all new?shoujo?manga series, Seven Seas is pleased to present a contemporary spin on the world's most famous vampire, Dracula.?Amazing Agent Luna?writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir team up with artist Rhea Silvan to deliver a beautifully illustrated ongoing vampire series that expands on the Dracula mythos like never before.

Nicholas Harker discovered he is heir to the legacy of an ancestor he never knew he had: Dracula. Under his progenitor's evil influence, Nicholas has begun, with a vast fortune at his disposal, to rebuild Castle Dracula in the outskirts of Boston, leaving behind a wake of corpses.
While the love of Jill Hawthorne seems to be the only thing that weakens Dracula's hold over Nicholas, Mason Renfield realizes he must remove her from the picture, in order to usher in the full reemergence of his dark lord. But Jill's new friend, the fiery wiccan Cate, has plans of her own-to destroy Nicholas and avenge her mother's death.

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Product Details

Author Nunzio DeFilippis / Christina Weir
Artist Rhea Silvan
Genre Int'l Manga
Series Dracula Everlasting
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 27, 2015
Page count 162pages (*note)

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