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Kouhei Azano / Atsushi Suzumi / Sumihei


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Vs. Doman Ashiya! The opening bell rings on this pinnacle of the shaman arts--the interdimensional battle!!

Harutora and friends find themselves cornered by the legendary shaman who attacked the Shaman Academy, Doman Ashiya. They are saved just in the nick of time by none other than their homeroom teacher Otomo, dressed in the white ceremonial garb of a shaman. This marks the beginning of an interdimensional battle beyond all common sense!

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Product Details

Original Work Kouhei Azano
Art Atsushi Suzumi
Character Design Sumihei
Genre Manga ,Action ,Comedy ,Drama ,School Life ,Shounen ,Supernatural ,Anime
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since March 24, 2015
Page count 183pages (*note)

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