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The Diary of Ochibi-san vol.6 - Manga

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Moyoco Anno

The Diary of Ochibi-san vol.6

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From Moyoco Anno, the artist of Hataraki-Man, Sugar Sugar Rune, Sakuran, and other works, comes The Diary of Ochibi. Drawn in gorgeous full color by way of a poichoir-like process, this volume includes episodes serialized in Asahi Shimbun’s morning edition, three newly-written stories, and the illustration collection Ochibi-san’s Tarot.Enjoying the scent of early fall in the sunflowers on a late-summer night, listening to the “ploink” of a raindrop falling on one’s head, heading out with one’s friends to play in a typhoon ? friendships are formed out of fleeting experiences. In Kamakura’s Mametsubu-cho, Ochibi-san, Nazeni, and Pankui watch the changing of the seasons, listening for the small, extraordinary moments in ordinary, everyday life.

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Author Moyoco Anno
Genre Manga ,Slice of Life
Series The Diary of Ochibi-san
Publisher Cork, Inc.
Available since September 3, 2015
Page count 105pages (*note)

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