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Devil's Line Volume 4 - Manga

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Ryo Hanada

Devil's Line Volume 4

About this book

Tsukasa insists on seeing that Oryo is cared for at a hospital,defying Anzai’s wish that she stays hidden at their safe house. Before she can even make it inside the hospital,Tsukasa is taken hostage by a desperate Zero Seven,who eventually makes a surprisingly humane choice when facing off with her old comrades. Tsukasa and Anzai decide to take the next step in their relationship,and the old doctor from ONLO reveals why he’s in town…

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Author Ryo Hanada
Genre Manga ,Action ,Drama ,Horror ,Romance ,Supernatural ,Vampires
Series Devil's Line
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since January 9, 2017
Page count 226pages (*note)

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