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The Tenth Prism 7 - Manga

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Masahito Soda / Kanaka Mizuki

The Tenth Prism 7

About this book

Niki and Veruna, two pretty warriors of the Land of Guu, grew up like sisters. However, after a life-or-death struggle over the release of a group of prisoners, the government strategically sets Niki up as a national hero and frames Veruna for treason. Torn apart, their fate is unsettled by Tsunashi, the Swordsman of Light, who is supposed to be their arch-enemy but exerts a strong fascination over both of them. Niki, the determined “Mori” warrior and Veruna, the scheming spy, connected by fate in love or hate. A romantic action fantasy that is rapidly unfolding!!

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Masahito Soda / Kanaka Mizuki
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Action ,Completed Series
Series The Tenth Prism
Publisher Cork, Inc.
Available since January 27, 2016
Page count 207pages (*note)

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