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Nodame Cantabile 20 - Manga

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  • Completed

Tomoko Ninomiya

Nodame Cantabile 20

About this book

It's competition time, and Tanya struggles on, while Kiyora continues her steady advance. But what about Nodame, who watches on? It's the second round of the preliminaries at the Cantona International Music Competition. A string of solid performances take Kiyora on her way to the finals, but will Tanya be able to show what she's really made of on stage? Meanwhile, when Nodame spectates at the competition, she encounters the piece she knows was meant for her. She dreams of playing this Ravel concerto with Chiaki one day, but a cruel coincidence awaits her...

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Product Details

Author Tomoko Ninomiya
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Romance ,Slice of Life ,Drama ,Anime ,Completed Series
Series Nodame Cantabile
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since May 29, 2017
Page count 189pages (*note)

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