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Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volume 2 - Manga

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Akiko Higashimura

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volume 2

About this book

""What if I had done this..."" ""What if I could just.."" After years spent spinning these what-if tales, Rinko woke up to find herself a 33-year-old woman with rusty romantic instincts. Even at that age, she doesn't know her next move. She doesn't even know what kinds of relationships are acceptable anymore. Strap in for this seriously real thirty-something fumbling-in-the-dark love(?) story!!

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Author Akiko Higashimura
Genre Manga ,Josei ,Comedy ,Romance
Series Tokyo Tarareba Girls
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since April 11, 2017
Page count 176pages (*note)

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