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Sgt. Frog , Vol. 4 - Manga

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Mine Yoshizaki

Sgt. Frog , Vol. 4

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The Keroro Platoon rings in the New Year with a bang-and has the hangover to prove it. But not everyone is celebrating. Underneath the cans, bottles and dismembered Gundam models lies the ultimate scandal: the liquidly courageous Lady Moa reveals her secret crush and Tamama's jealousy threatens to ignite the ultmate smack down! Once the Hinata family discovers this tangled web-footed love triangle (and you know they will) the house will really be in an uproar. And in the midst of it all, there is someone the platoon has completely forgotten...
Its fifth member!

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Author Mine Yoshizaki
Genre Manga ,School Life ,Sci-fi ,Shounen ,Anime
Series Sgt. Frog
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since March 2, 2015
Page count 182pages (*note)

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