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INVESTOR-Z (6) - Manga

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Norifusa Mita


About this book

Founder of our Investment Club aspired to become a money-maker for Japan’s future… After witnessing the establishment of the Club, Zaizen Takashi asks himself whether he also has a “great belief”. Even though Zaizen strongly claimed to start the venture investment, he still has not been able to invest a penny. Having a chance to meet Richie, the angel investor, Zaizen learned the essence and the philosophy of building a startup. “Building a startup is to become the first penguin. Take the risks and jump into the sea of opportunities!” Will Zaizen be able to make his first venture investment?

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Author Norifusa Mita
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Drama
Series INVESTOR-Z (Cork, Inc.)
Publisher Cork, Inc.
Available since March 22, 2016
Page count 203pages (*note)

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