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UQ Holder Volume 9 - Manga

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Ken Akamatsu

UQ Holder Volume 9

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After Kitty’s shocking revelation, T?ta goes to met with her again, but all he finds is a note telling him to come back in four days, or to her, 287 years. In the meantime, Dana gives T?ta some big news: she’s prepared a finishing move for him! But there’s a catch: the book on how to perform the move is hidden in a box in the monster-infested castle ruins below…a challenge even before Dana sends him to a distant starting point. Can T?ta complete his mission and make it back in time to see Kitty once again?

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Author Ken Akamatsu
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Action ,Sci-fi
Series UQ Holder
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since November 8, 2016
Page count 194pages (*note)

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